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Laboratory & Testing Services

On site, MEDLAB performs a variety of lab tests, including blood tests and paternity tests, providing you and your doctor with immediate and accurate results. This means that you won’t have to wait days or weeks to know the results; if there is a problem, your doctor can start treatment earlier if necessary and you’ll be on the road to quicker recovery.

Immigration blood tests involves screening for Syphilis and HIV. Knowing your HIV status can help prevent HIV in so many ways. As such, understanding the importance of accurate screening and reporting, MEDLAB ONLY uses testing kits/devices that are World Health Organization (WHO) prequalified.

X-Rays & 3D Mammograms

The Radiology department is a multifaceted and highly specialized digital department which strives to meet the needs of all patients and clinicians in diagnostic imaging. We also offer full spine xray here.

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